Marketing Automation tips

Get the most out of your marketing automation platform with the suggestions below.

  Use dynamic pricing and promotions: Implement automation that adjusts pricing or applies personalised promotions based on user behavior, purchase history, or loyalty status. This can help drive conversions and increase customer satisfaction.

  Employ lead re-engagement campaigns: Set up automated workflows to re-engage leads that have gone cold or become unresponsive. Send targeted emails or offers aimed at recapturing their interest and bringing them back into the sales funnel.

  Conduct automated post-event follow-ups: If you host or participate in events, automate post-event follow-ups to maintain engagement and nurture relationships. Send personalised emails with event highlights, resources, or exclusive offers based on attendees' interests.

  Integrate with customer feedback platforms: Integrate your marketing automation platform with customer feedback tools to automate the collection and analysis of customer feedback. Use this information to improve your products, services, and customer experience.

  Implement personalised product recommendations: Utilise automation to deliver personalised product recommendations based on individual browsing behavior, purchase history, or preferences. This helps increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

  Leverage triggered push notifications: Integrate push notification functionality into your marketing automation workflows. Use triggered push notifications to deliver timely messages, such as cart abandonment reminders, flash sale alerts, or personalised content updates.

  Optimise your email deliverability: Pay attention to your email deliverability rates by monitoring bounce rates, spam complaints, and open rates. Implement best practices, such as maintaining a clean email list, using double opt-in, and segmenting your audience to ensure your emails reach the intended recipients.

  Implement progressive profiling: Gradually collect additional information about your leads by using progressive profiling techniques. Instead of bombarding users with lengthy forms, gather additional details over time through automated follow-up questions and surveys.

  Leverage artificial intelligence (AI): Explore the use of AI-powered marketing automation tools to enhance personalisation, predictive analytics, and customer insights. AI can help you better understand customer behavior, optimise campaigns, and deliver more relevant experiences.

  Monitor and analyse customer behavior: Continuously monitor customer behavior and engagement metrics to gain insights into their preferences and interests. Analyse data from various touchpoints, such as website visits, email interactions, and social media engagement, to inform your automation strategies.