Marketing Automation tips

Get the most out of your marketing automation platform with the suggestions below.

  Implement lead scoring based on behavior: In addition to demographic data, track and assign scores based on specific actions or behaviors exhibited by your leads. Consider factors like engagement level, website interactions, email click-throughs, and content downloads to gauge lead interest and prioritise follow-up efforts.

  Use dynamic retargeting: Leverage marketing automation to implement dynamic retargeting campaigns. Show personalised ads or content to visitors who have previously interacted with your website or shown interest in specific products or services. This helps reinforce brand awareness and encourages conversions.

  Optimise your forms: Continuously optimise your lead capture forms to improve conversion rates. Experiment with different form lengths, designs, and placement on your website to find the optimal balance between capturing information and minimising friction.

  Employ triggered SMS marketing: Consider incorporating SMS marketing into your automation workflows. Use triggered SMS messages to deliver time-sensitive information, reminders, or exclusive offers. Ensure you have the necessary consent and provide value to the recipients.

  Integrate social media automation: Integrate your marketing automation platform with social media management tools. Automate posting schedules, social media monitoring, and engagement to maintain an active presence and nurture your social media audience.

  Leverage user-generated content (UGC): Encourage your customers or followers to create and share content related to your brand. Use automation to identify, curate, and repurpose user-generated content across your marketing channels. UGC adds authenticity and builds social proof.

  Implement cart abandonment workflows: Create automated workflows to target users who abandon their shopping carts. Send reminder emails with personalised product recommendations or limited-time offers to entice them back and complete their purchase.

  Conduct personalised re-engagement campaigns: Identify inactive leads or customers and create automated re-engagement campaigns. Send personalised emails or offers to reignite their interest, collect feedback, or invite them to participate in surveys or loyalty programs.

  Integrate chatbots: Integrate chatbots into your website or messaging platforms to automate customer support and lead qualification. Use chatbots to provide instant responses, gather information, and route inquiries to the appropriate team members.

  Implement post-purchase automation: Extend your automation efforts beyond the initial purchase. Create automated post-purchase workflows to engage customers with order confirmations, shipping updates, product recommendations, and requests for reviews or referrals.